Sunday, March 8, 2015

Homework is the worst...

Homework sucks, yep I said it. It's a stressful time around here for sure. Mia is all over the place lately so trying to get her to not climb the stairs, crawl all over the house, or eat dog food is my first step. Next is Michael, he is actually pretty good about chilling while I help Blake and on many occasions doing some "homework" of his own. Lastly, there is Blake. Blake doesn't love homework and in many instances it goes quick and he gets it, but there are days where he is stumped and fighting it. These are the days I need wine. Blake is good at chatting during homework time also and he is manipulative, his conversations actually suck me in so I need to be careful not to fall for his goofy charm (we are in trouble for sure).  The number one thing I could use more of is patience. I seriously pray for it every single night! It comes to a point sometimes where I actually find myself so frustrated I need to walk away. It's a roller coaster…one second he is stumped, or sometimes just not focused and the next he gets it…it clicks and we rejoice! All I know is that many nights after homework is done I feel mentally exhausted and it worries me since we are only at a second grade level! For me I think it's knowing what Blake is capable of and pushing him to achieve that. I see so much potential in that kid, he remembers every single thing (selective of corse) and has a passion for learning certain things.
Overall my thoughts on homework are this, it's too much and it starts too soon. I love to watch my kids run like animals and burn off that energy that they have all bottled up after a long day in the classroom. Kids need to just be kids!! I will continue to do my best at teaching the stuff that quite frankly sometimes I don't even understand and pray for that patience!! God bless the Momma and Dad's that are on homework duty tonight, cheers!!

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