Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's been awhile...

So where do I even begin?? It has been so long, I am ashamed. We have been busy. I guess the last time I posted was in lets see...hmmmmm

February was a pretty uneventful, we spent a lot of time playing in the rain because that is one of Blake's most favorite things to do. We also took Blake to his very first Pistons game, he loved it and his eyes were glued to the basketball players. He did not like the fire and the loud bangs at the beginning of the game, it scared the heck out of him and he told us it was "too spooky, to watch" so he hid in the suite for a good fifteen minutes.

March was a WONDERFUL month, Adam and I escaped to Hawaii for an entire week, it was amazing! We had such a wonderful time. We stayed in Kona the entire time, while we were there we went snorkeling, whale watching, swam with rays, and did a lot of relaxing. While we did have an amazing time we were SOOOO ready to come back to see our little boy!!

In April we took Blake to see the Easter Bunny and he was quite fond of him this year. In fact we went on a weekday so he was one of two children visiting the bunny, so the bunny had lots of time to spend with Blake and Blake did not want to say goodbye. It was pretty cute!

We took a trip to San Diego to see my sister and her family in May, we traveled there with my other sister Teresa (who is expecting her first baby in August, YEA!!) and Blake was an angel on the plane. While we were there we went to the San Diego Zoo, Blake loved it! He loves the movie Madagascar so he was calling on the animals their names from the movie....for example he'd say "Mom, lets go see Alex the lion," or "look there's my friend Mellman." It was so cute to watch, he says the funniest things these days. We really enjoy his comments, the way a child thinks is so funny, innocent, and sweet. We also went to Sea World, this was a great trip too! Blake was a little upset about the fact that during the dolphin show he got splashed....he didn't like the taste of salt water and it really caught him off guard. Other than that he loved all the fish and marine life! We had a wonderful trip and we were sad to say goodbye. The plane ride home went smooth as well, I was very lucky this time! It was funny because Blake was a little nervous taking off and landing this time, he wanted to hold my hand, it was really sweet. I think he was making the lady behind us a little nervous because he kept asking me "Mom, are we gonna crash? and I think we are going down." It's hard to explain to a 2 year old you can't ask those kinds of questions while in the AIR, haha.

So I guess that about sums it up. I can't possibly forget the fact that our beautiful triplet nieces and nephew and doing GREAT!!! They are getting soooo big already. Blake loves to go over and see them, he'll ask, "Mom, can we go see my cousins Wainey, George, and Emmy?" its so cute to see them all together, Blake even gets to hold them every now and then, although if George keeps growing as fast as he has been he might be holding Blake soon, haha...he's a biggie boy:)!

Summer will keep us busy, between weddings, showers, babies, and a little travel here and there. I will try to be a little better about keeping up with my posts. Life just seems to get away from us and before we know it 4 months have passed!!!