Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hooray for Potty Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On August 2nd we decided to say goodbye to diapers and it has been a SUCCESS!! We stayed home all week and had lots and lots of beverages.... Blake made his first poo poo on potty on day two and on day three had ZERO accidents. We ventured out on day four and he had his first encounter with "the public restroom," he did great and had no accidents while we were out. We really couldn't be more proud of our little boy. He actually loves to use the potty and some days we spend a pretty substantial amount of time in the bathroom for a tiny little dribble of pee pee but that's okay....the look of accomplishment on his sweet little face is worth every minute spent in the potty! When he goes he asks "ok....are you ready mommy?" then he goes and this bright little smile comes over his face and then he says "now say hooray....say it LOUDER," and we do and he is just thrilled.
I have to admit I was very worried about the challenges that potty training would bring and it does entail quite a bit of patience but overall I am very happy with the end result...our little boy is growing up so fast. I was a little sad at the thought that my sweet little Blake is no longer in diapers, where did the last two and a half years go???? It just seems like only last week I was feeding him bubbas, now he is using the potty and communicating with us like a little young man....


13 Weeks 3 days (above)
13 Weeks 3 days (above)

16 Weeks (above)

16 Weeks (above)

17 Weeks 3 days (above)

19 weeks (above)

The Three Musketeers No Longer....and we couldn't be HAPPIER!!

It is true, we are expecting another sweet little angel this January...January 8th is our scheduled C-section date, unless this little one decides to come a little early as our little Blake did and thank God for that...if he would have waited another 2 weeks I am sure he would have been the end of me...Blake was quite a large baby, almost 10 lbs! I guess only time will tell how big this one will get.

Adam, Blake, and I are all thrilled to greet our newest family member. Blake is convinced he has a baby in his belly as well and is sure to tell me every single day that my belly looks bigger. I am positive he is going to be an outstanding big brother, he loves babies so much and kisses my belly each day...he says he has to say hi to "his baby."

We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and we "think" we know what the sex of the baby is...but the little one had their legs crossed so it was a quite difficult to be 100% certain. We will know for sure on August 31st. We don't care one bit if its a girl or a boy.....we just pray for a healthy little baby!