Monday, May 27, 2013

My Creative Child

My creative child is Blake, without a doubt. His mind is always working, he is the child that is never bored. As you can see here he turned his dump truck & hockey stick into a Kayak. I love his sense of creativity and drive to explore. He is happy and can always find ways to have fun! I admire his glass half full attitude and fearlessness. Life is always interesting with Blake :-)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm Back...

Well, well,'s been three years since I have updated this blog but the time has come! I won't even try to recap the last three years since time is of the essence these days. I will say that I feel like I blinked and here we are. Blake is just about to graduate kindergarten and Michael just graduated from Stay and Play. Blake is 6 going on 16 and Michael is 3...but he pretends quite often he is 6 like "Deek" this is what he calls Blake, it was the improvisation of Blake when Michael was learning to speak and it has just seemed to stick.
Life is good, I can't complain. We all have our health which is the greatest blessing of all. At the moment we are excited about summer break. I love having the boys at home with me, I can't even imagine what life will be like when they are both in school everyday.
So here we go again, I will do my best to document the important and everyday events as much as I can. I was depending on Facebook to keep the family and friends in the loop but I find that the social network kind of makes me batty anymore. So without further ado...let the blogging begin :-)

The Toothless Wonder

He is really growing up! I was really kind of sad when he lost this tooth, I was actually surprised at how emotional the whole situation made me. One minute he is teething and I blink and his teeth are falling out. If time continues to pass like this he is going to be graduating tomorrow! 
He lost this tooth at school, I knew it was going to happen but he wouldn't let me go near it. You know that gross dangling tooth...yep that was him. It totally has changed his look, we laugh because he looks like a little Canadian Hockey Player who got in one to many fights....our little scrapper. He still looks cute as ever and I feel as tho the other tooth is about to fall out as well....stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stay & Play

 Michael's First Day of Stay and Play September 2012 

Midway through the year 

Michael is a Stay & Play Graduate 

Stay and Play was a wonderful experience, Michael and I went to Stay and Play on Tuesday mornings. He made some great friends and did lots of cool projects. We had two field trips and our teachers Mrs.Tammy and Ms.T were so amazing. I watched him grow so much here at Stay and Play this past year and I can't believe it's already over, the time is passing far too fast!!