Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Well, Thanksgiving has come & gone already, it's hard to believe. The weekend before Thanksgiving my parents came into town & we celebrated an early Thanksgiving on Sunday at my Aunt's house, we had a great time & managed to eat way more than we should have...isn't that the point though??!!??!! Good company & too much food....

Last Saturday we took Blake to see The Radio City Rockettes, he had a great time, he was dancing and singing the whole time and sat like such a perfect little gentleman through the entire show.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day we celebrated at Umma Cindy & Papa Mike's house, the dinner was fantastic. Again we managed to eat all day long, stuffing ourselves to the max! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting with all of the family & some that we haven't seen in was really nice to catch up with everyone!

Blake enjoyed the holidays, he likes to tell us what a turkey says..."gobble, gobble, gobble," & it comes out so cute, we laugh every time. He is quite the little performer these days as well, he is confident that he is the funniest little guy around, he laughs at himself all day long. He loves to dance & sing, his favorite song right now is "Jingle Bells", well either that or "Hot Crust Buns." Blake is also quite the little piano player, we enjoy watching his performances at Umma Cindy's house....we are sure there is a place at Juilliard awaiting our little superstar!

Not a day passes that we are not completely amazed at all that our little boy has accomplished...we are so proud of Blake and can't seem to get enough of his silly grins & goofy stories. I really understand more than ever before why people say to cherish these moments because they will pass so quickly, our little Blake is approaching 2 and I feel like he was JUST BORN, Adam & I both agree that these have been the BEST 2 years of our lives and we are positive that we have the smartest, cutest, sweetest, best, best, best son in the world!!!

Being that it was Thanksgiving we we took a moment to thank God for all that we have to be thankful for; our health, our family & friends, our home, & so much more. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and as we gear up for Christmas, we wish you all a stress free December as you all prepare for the next big holiday!!